June 19 at 21:30

Live streaming with Julian Assange

Jun 19

21:30 GR time
First they came for Assange

Athens Speaks Out!

On Sunday, June 19, Athens will be one of the 14 cities joining their voices regarding the four years of Julian Asange΄s enclosure in the embassy of Equador in London. Assange will address the public through a connection with the embassy while Paul Mason (TBC), Giorgos Plios and Costas Efimeros will also participate. Roberto Saviano, the journalist, author of Gomorrah, who revealed the way the Camorra operates in Italy will also address the public.

Place: Gazarte
Event starts at 21:30 (GR time)

Please note that due to the limited space, we are accepting pre-registration (free of charge), Send us an e-mail at the with your name and the number of invitations you wish to book (up to 4).
This international event, marking the 4th anniversary since Julian Assange was granted political asylum at the embassy of Equador will be held on June 19 in Athens, Berlin, Paris, New York, Kyoto, Brussels, Madrid, Naples, Belgrade, and other cities. Assange will address the event, as well as several prominent supporters of the cause; Y.Varoufakis, P.J.Harvey, V.Westwood, N.Chomski, S. Zizek, R.Avila, B.Stiegler, S. Harrison, S.Horvat, B. Eno, B.Garcon, A.Richter, C.Hedges, Laibach and many more.
Inspired by the famous M.Niemoler poem on the cowardice of German thinkers during the rise of Nazism and the subsequent escalation of targeted persecutions which eventually spread across the entire spectrum of German society, “First they came for Assange…” aims to demonstrate that we live in critical times and that anyone who goes against the political and financial status quo can easily become the next target.
Four years have passed since a courageous South American nation, granted J.Assange asylum due to fears of a possible expedition to the USA. After this exercise of sovereign rights, the UK threatened to attack the London Embassy. Two EU countries, UK and Sweden are consistently denying to act according to the human rights code and allow Assange safe passage to a London airport.
On February 2016, the UN declared that seclusion of J.Assange is illegal. Over 500 human rights organisations, law professors, former UN members and nobelists signed a petition asking the Swedish and British governments to respect the UN verdict and free Assange immediately.
Over 100 days have passed since that report and the situation has not changed, and it will not change unless political pressure escalates. We can no longer remain quiet. First they came for Julian, then C.Maning and E.Snowden…who’s next?



Four years after Julian Assange passed through the gates of the Equador Embassy in London, asking for an asylum, people from all over the world join their voices in order to ask that this unbelievable persecution is brought to an end.



Journalist, writer and broadcaster. He worked for Channel 4, held Newsnight programme on BBC2. He producer the documentary #ThisIsaCoup on Greek economic crisis



Roberto Saviano is an Italian journalist, writer and essayist. He is the author of international bestsellers Gomorrah and ZeroZeroZero.



Costas Efimeros is an investigative journalist, activist for press freedom and founder of ThePressProject. He is member of ECPMF and the Osservatorio for Media Freedom.



George Pleios is Professor of the Laboratory for Social Research in Mass Media at the Departent of Communication and Media Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

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