June 19 at 20:30
National Theatre Belgrade,


Jun 19

20:30 local time
First they came for Assange

Belgrade Speaks Out!

The third event of the Philosophical Theatre series in the National Theatre in Belgrade, titled “First, They Came for Assange“, will take place on 19th June at 20:30 h, when Renata Avila, a lawyer and a member of Wikileaks, will talk to Maja Pelević, a dramaturge, at the “Raša Plaović” Stage.


Central event of the evening will be a video conference with Julian Assange from the Embassy of Ecuador in London. The fourth anniversary of Assange’s political asylum and of his stay in the Embassy will be marked on that day, which is why even the United Nations asked Sweden and Great Britain to absolve him and respect his human rights. Thus, this unique global event will take place simultaneously in Belgrade and in other cities, such as Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Naples, Quito and Athens.

During the evening, the audience will have an opportunity to listen to Srećko Horvat, Slavoj Žižek, Brian Eno, Noam Chomsky and others via video conference.

Srećko Horvat, who has frequently been visiting the Ecuadorean Embassy in London says, “The goal of this global event is to emphasise that we live in dangerous time in which everyone opposed to the political and financial powers might soon become a target. First they came after Assange, then they came after Chelsea Manning, then they came after Edward Snowden… Who is next?

More than 500 human rights organisations, law professors, Nobel Prize winners, former UN office holders and others signed a pettition urging governments of Sweden and UK to respect UN’s decision to free Assange.

You can collect free tickets (no more than 4) at the National Theatre’s box office until 19th June 2016 at 20 h at the latest. Those who do not manage to get a ticket may see direct feed at the foyer of the “Raša Plaović” Stage.

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Four years after Julian Assange passed through the gates of the Equador Embassy in London, asking for an asylum, people from all over the world join their voices in order to ask that this unbelievable persecution is brought to an end.



Renata Avila is a human rights lawyer specialised in Intellectual Property and New Technologies from Guatemala.



Graduated at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, department of Dramaturgy and got a PhD in Theory of Arts and Media at the University of Arts in Belgrade.